The healthcare industry is transforming into a marketplace

Today, consumers have greater control of their healthcare spend and are voting with their dollars. So how can health organizations develop new business models that will appeal to consumers, and succeed over the long term? How can we learn from other industries and involve customers to deliver a winning experience?

The rise of retail health coverage

The rise of retail health coverage

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42% Percentage of consumers
who want to review customer ratings
of insurance plans before buying

(Source: PwC Health Research Institute)
The impact of disruptive
innovation in healthcare.

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Healthcare payers and providers are learning to embrace change

The health industry is undergoing rapid change. Health organizations have to innovate in a different way and scale new business models — from within, and by acquisition — to be sustainable.

This has been validated by findings from PwC’s 17th Annual Global CEO Survey that finds global trends are transforming business. In 2014 “change” will continue to define the US healthcare industry. CEOs note that regulatory reforms, technology advances and the rising role of the consumer continue to fuel this transition to a new health economy.


New entrants are disrupting traditional business models

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Clinical transformation for healthcare providers

Lindsey Jarrell, a Principal in PwC's Health Industries Advisory practice discusses how we help healthcare providers transform their clinical enterprise. Learn more.