New healthcare demographic brings new risks

Technology brings regulatory risks and compliance challenges in New Health Economy

Connected technologies, Big Data analytics and electronic health records are combining to redefine consumer demands and business models. At the same time sophisticated threats that compromise and steal digitized medical data are forcing healthcare payers and providers to rethink information security and privacy threats. We share key findings in our 2015 Global State of Information Security Survey.

New Entrants: Charting the Health Industry’s Risk and Regulatory Landscape
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Top Health Industry Issues of 2015: Privacy
Top Health Industry Issues of 2015: Privacy
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The Global State of Information Security Survey 2015
The Global State of Information Security Survey 2015
Healthcare cybersecurity challenges
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Reaching out to a new consumer base in healthcare

The 16 million Americans expected to gain health insurance in 2014 represent a new customer base with a demographic profile and health needs that differ from the current insured population. This will change patient behaviors, provider and payer operations, and product offerings in unknown ways. Healthcare organizations need to stay in front of both existing and emerging risks to succeed in this new marketplace.


eHealth Initiative Executive Advisory Board on Privacy and Security

Read more about best practices to guard against data security and privacy breaches in our eHealth initiative highlights report.
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Aligning risk and compliance plans for cost efficiencies

PwC's advanced risk and compliance analytics practice can help you mitigate risk and increase efficiency in a complicated regulatory environment. Learn more