The rise of the consumer in healthcare

The modern healthcare system is increasingly becoming a consumer-directed industry. The rise of health insurance exchanges, the increase in high-deductible health plans, and the explosion of social media have motivated individual consumers to take a more active role in purchasing and providing for their own healthcare.

64% of consumers are open to trying new, non-traditional ways of seeking medical attention and treatment if the price is right

(Source: PwC Health Research Institute)
23% Percentage of consumers surveyed
who say they are likely to buy health
insurance from a non-traditional source,
such as a retail store (up from 18% in 2011)

(Source: PwC Health Research Institute)
Healthcare is witnessing a
consumer revolution.

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72% Percentage of consumers who
ranked provider reputation and personal
experience as the top drivers of their choice of

(Source: PwC Experience Radar 2012: Customer insights for the US healthcare
provider industry)
Customer experience matters.

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The careful consumer

Newly empowered consumers in the healthcare marketplace are forcing the industry to discover and address patient preferences. Today’s consumers are more monetarily liable for their own care, and they want clear, transparent, simplified information on prices, provider networks, and quality. They desire greater flexibility to accommodate their schedules, such as retail clinics. They are savvy customers, increasingly likely to do their homework on price and service before accessing care. In general, they will reward the providers and payers that display the most flexibility in meeting their needs.


Putting the consumer

Roni Zeiger, CEO of Smart Patients, discusses the meaning of true patient-centered healthcare.
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Consumer feedback fuels profits in healthcare

Scoring healthcare: Navigating customer experience ratings. Consumers face a myriad of healthcare ratings and review sources.
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