Big Data can unlock big value in healthcare

Big Data is not a fad; it is the goal of leveraging data and taking it outside of a health organization’s four walls for the purpose of identifying trends, predicting outcomes, managing population health and influencing patient care. The power of the data and its ability to improve healthcare and decrease medical costs cannot be overstated.

73% Percentage of providers and
health insurers that say integrating
data from multiple sources is the top technical goal of their organization
over the next two years.

(Source: PwC Health Research Institute)
Uncovering knowledge
in clinical informatics.

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43% Percentage of providers
that say a lack of funding is an
organizational barrier in developing
information programs.

(Source: PwC Health Research Institute)
Sharing data,
sharing profits

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58% Percentage of business
and technology executives who say that
transitioning from data to insight
is a major challenge.

(Source: PwC's Health Research Institute)
Big Data is
transforming business

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Uncovering treasure in bits and bytes of health data

  • Companies that move quickly to capitalize on the potential of Big Data will often gain ‘first mover’ advantage, enabling them to innovate every aspect of their organizations, from strategy and business model design to marketing, product development, HR, operations, and more.
  • Advances in analytical techniques, information technology, and declining technology costs are driving the use of Big Data.
  • Leading healthcare companies have used Big Data to generate insights that lead to competitive advantage. Organizations that delay taking advantage of the power of Big Data risk being leapfrogged by more data-savvy competitors.

Big Data’s many possibilities

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How good data saves lives

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