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HRI regulatory center

HRI regulatory spotlight: FDA sheds light on social media use for life-sciences sector
Consumers are increasingly turning to social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and CaringBridge to better engage in health decisions. But when it comes to social media and healthcare, life-sciences companies have lagged behind.
HRI regulatory spotlight: Hospitals face compliance challenges under 'two-midnight' rule
Chief financial officers say they could lose millions of dollars in payments—and potentially change how and when patients are admitted for care—under a controversial Medicare rule that narrows hospital admission criteria.
HRI regulatory spotlight: Medicaid rule revamps home and community services
A final rule from CMS makes it easier for Medicaid beneficiaries to receive services in their homes and communities, and adds fuel to the rapidly growing long term care industry.
HRI regulatory spotlight: Understanding the 3Rs - risk adjustment, risk corridors, and reinsurance
The ACA’s 3Rs programs protect insurers from the financial effects of adverse selection. HRI provides an overview of the programs and explains why they’re critical to stabilizing the market.
HRI Spotlight: FDA focuses on patient safety as medical devices go wireless
HRI regulatory spotlight: FDA focuses on patient safety as medical devices go wireless
As more medical devices include remote technology, the FDA is advising manufacturers to ensure their products remain safe and effective.
HRI's closer look
Health insurance premiums: Comparing ACA exchange rates to the employer-based market
In 2014 the premiums for state exchange based health plans are comparable to -- and in some cases lower than -- those being offered by employers. The data suggest the new exchanges are competitive with the current insurance market and may open doors for employers as they contemplate future benefits strategies.
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The 2012 election lifts the veil of uncertainty about the future of the Affordable Care Act. It will be a sprint to full implementation in 2014, with federal budget constraints placing fresh pressure on the administration to scale back its ambition. Some in the health sector are moving out ahead, pursuing new care and payment models and refocusing attention on customer-oriented service.

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Week of 07/14/14

  • Medicaid investment to help spur state innovation
  • CMS proposes tweak to ‘two-midnight’ rule
  • ‘Predictive analytics’ could raise ethical issues, researchers warn
  • FDASIA hits two-year mark as Congress mulls new reforms
  • FDA sheds light on social media rules for pharma

Week of 07/07/14

  • Provider payment rules highlight Medicare priorities
  • FDA issues guidance on compounded drugs
  • With consumers in mind, CMS proposes changes to quality reporting programs
  • Telehealth payment expansion to increase Medicare’s reach
  • New efforts to increase exchange numbers in 2015 open enrollment

Week of 06/23/14

  • Administration releases final rule on employee waiting periods
  • Providers wary of payment, contractor status as VA bills advance
  • Lawmakers set sights on digital health
  • Medicare commission examines medication adherence for potential savings
  • Healthcare spending projected to rise by 6.8% in 2015
  • HRI as we see it will not publish the week of 06/30/14

Week of 06/16/14

  • FDA details new social media requirements
  • Early 2015 exchange rate filings show modest increases
  • Health data breaches nearly doubled during two years
  • Lawmakers ask healthcare groups to take lead on transparency efforts
  • Key advisory body examines Medicaid’s future

Week of 06/09/14

  • As problems surface, vets may seek care in non-VA facilities
  • Survey: Telehealth’s progress slowed by reimbursement constraints
  • New study: Medicare payment cuts may limit home health service access
  • FDA’s ‘track and trace’ guidance outlines risky scenarios
  • Drugmakers jockey for share of the global hepatitis C market

Week of 06/02/14

  • OIG: Improper coding cost Medicare $6.7 billion in one year
  • Hospital charges see moderate growth, yet wide variation
  • Amid high cancer treatment costs, insurers seek ways to control spending
  • FDA issues final guidance for expedited approval
  • FTC recommends more transparency from data brokers to consumers

Week of 05/19/14

  • Final exchange rule aims to temper 2015 premium increases
  • CMS proposes one-year reprieve for providers on meaningful use requirements
  • Hospitals, suppliers struggle with saline shortage
  • Pharma deals focus on fortifying product lines
  • CMS scales back rule for Part D plans
  • Hispanics a growing force in the New Health Economy
  • HRI as we see it will not publish the week of 05/26/14

Week of 05/12/14

  • FDA releases draft biosimilar guidance
  • 2015 individual plan rates in Virginia and Washington reveal modest changes
  • Compliance hurdles may arise as CMS reduces regulatory burdens
  • Public weighs in on plan to regulate HIT
  • Apple set to enter healthcare market with new Healthbook application
  • Hospitals face compliance, financial challenges under ‘two-midnight’ rule

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