A preliminary look at 2015 individual market rate filings

Months after the close of the 2014 exchange open enrollment period, a picture of the 2015 insurance landscape is beginning to emerge. Publicly released premium increases across about 22 states vary widely, ranging from a low of -23% in Arizona to a high of 36% in Nevada. The average rate increase across states reporting data is 8.2%, while the average monthly premium (without subsidies) is around $372.*

Year two of the exchanges is expected to see an upswing in participation from several major commercial insurers. The bellwether Blue Cross Blue Shield plans have submitted increase requests across the country typically above 9%.

New healthcare CO-OPs, nonprofit insurers created under the ACA, are priced comparably to or lower than competitors in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, and Oregon. Arizona’s CO-OP is the lowest-priced plan in the state, with a 23% proposed rate decrease from 2014. Competitive premiums may not always equate to higher enrollment, however, as some CO-OPs have found.

* HRI analysis based on state rate filings. Some states are only reporting partial 2015 premium information to date, such as which insurers are intending to participate in 2015, or percentage of rate change without actual premium data.

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Average Premium Increase
Limited information available

* Data as of July 15, 2014. California has not yet posted rates, although one insurer has indicated a single-digit increase.
** Louisiana is only reporting bids from insurers that are requesting 10% and higher rate increases at this time
Source: State insurance department websites