PwC’s 180 Health Forum: Shifting perspectives

    180° Health Forum salon dinner series

    PwC and Healthspotr recently convened a select group of innovators, investors, new entrants and thought leaders in the health industry to exchange perspectives on the changing healthcare environment and to debate how new and established players can capitalize on growth opportunities in the New Health Economy™.

    Salon Dinner highlights

    Click on the 180 Health Forum themes to explore the highlight reports from our health innovation salon dinners.

    San Francisco – Quantity to ROI
    How can we scale the quantified self to finally deliver returns to employers and investors? What role can the pharma industry play in leveraging quantified self data to improve care coordination and protocol adherence and begin delivering measurable.
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    Boston – Quantify to ROI
    opportunities to collect health data through consumer activities multiply by the day. But what good is the data if we cannot put it to work? Few players in the New Health Economy have developed successful methods for leveraging this data into measurable ROI. What industries and what non-healthcare companies offer examples of best-practices when it comes to the more difficult task of applying consumer data generate a positive business outcome?
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    Chicago – Partnering our way to personalized care
    How can payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies and new healthcare entrants partner more successfully to share health data for purposes of coordinating and personalizing care, while ultimately driving better outcomes and cost-effectiveness across our industry?
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    New York - Identifying and building successful partnerships in an era of value-based care
    The shift across the healthcare ecosystem to business models that prioritize value over volume offers big opportunities to established and new entrants, yet also burdens them with more risk. Risk-sharing through strategic partnerships is a way forward, yet not all parties define value the same way. How will we define shared value? How will we measure our mutual advantage over the long term? Can we build a systemic approach to value-based partnerships that increases potential ROI for all stakeholders?
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    San Francisco – Consumer Healthcare Decision Making
    A leap in the right condition. If customers are all ill equipped to manage complexity, then how do we design businesses and processes that anchor complexity where it is best handled while delivering easy to use, health impacting products and services to consumers?
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    Houston – Navigating the path to targeted care
    The rising costs of traditional healthcare are driving us to pursue interventions that can be directed to a specific patient's disease state or behavioral health needs. While breakthroughs in consumer technology and genomic science make such targeted care possible, barriers persist. How will we collect and steward the personal data that is required to bring targeted care to fruition? How will we preserve patient privacy while also encouraging greater information sharing between patient, provider and payer?  What can innovative employers teach us about successfully balancing these competing needs?
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    Highlights from the 180 Health Forum

    More than 200 thought leaders and executives from across all sectors of the health industry, along with new entrants, gathered to explore the New Health EconomyTM that is emerging in the US at PwC’s 180° Health Forum in Washington DC. Since its inception, the Forum has provided a venue for challenging the status quo by bringing in some of the most provocative thinkers in the health arena to share their insights. Our Forum highlights provide an overview of the conversations that occurred at the 2015 180° Health Forum.

    Download the 180° Health Forum 2015 highlights report and watch the video

    This year’s Forum showcased eight guest “provocateurs”– leaders who challenge the status quo and offer unique insights into the critical healthcare issues we face. In a series of interactive discussions throughout the day, panelists and participants explored three critical themes: how new technologies are providing consumers with an “always on” model of care called the quantified self; the need for different ways of thinking about value as we balance the cost vs outcomes of innovation and targeted care; and how business models are transforming in a consumer-centric world.