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Our biweekly newsletter, Governance Insights, brings you board governance and investor news, relevant thought leadership, and other content to help you stay informed and make important decisions as directors and shareholders.

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Street votes against directors at 400 companies for lack of diversity progress; S&P 500 index bars companies with multi-class shares; ISS launches its 2018 Annual Policy Survey; SEC updates rulemaking agenda; and CEO/Chairman separation doesn’t lead to better company performance.

The SEC Chair outlines his guiding principles; Hester Peirce renominated for SEC commissioner; 2016 director class attribute study shows mixed results for diversity progress on boards; shareholder proposals submitted in 2017 decreased by nearly 10%; and a survey shows how prepared companies are for the pay ratio disclosure.

Highlights include the SEC extends IPO confidentiality privilege to all companies; proxy season results show “fix-it” proposals aren’t gaining support; director pay is on the rise; and Broadridge reports on 2016 virtual annual shareholder meetings.

Highlights include CII outlines virtual annual shareholder meeting ‘wish list’; MSCI to gradually add Chinese shares to its emerging markets index; BlackRock’s vote bulletin on a recent climate change vote; and PwC US’s decision to add external directors to its board.

Highlights include The PCAOB adopts new auditor reporting standard; the Financial Choice Act passes US House of Representatives; 2017 mid-proxy season results; and another climate change proposal passes at ExxonMobil.

Highlights include investors voice concern to House Speaker about Financial Choice Act; CalPERS’ climate change shareholder proposal passes; PCAOB Board member raises concerns about audit committee oversight; and key staff positions within SEC filled.

Highlights include Jay Clayton sworn in as SEC Chair; BlackRock reports on Q1 Stewardship activity; Board cyber practices survey indicates opportunities for improvement; and SEC Chief Accountant’s remarks on other reporting.

Highlights include updates to the Financial Choice Act; SEC Chief Accountant’s audit committee remarks; proxy access growth; and the CAQ’s new auditor assessment tool.

SEC Chair nominee advances to Senate vote; NYC Pension Funds set sights on companies with virtual-only meetings; a NYC panel explores director responsibilities related to recent cyber regulation; and more headline the April 18, 2017 newsletter.

Highlights include the UK’s move to trigger Brexit; SEC chair nominee Clayton’s confirmation hearing; and investors’ concerns about delaying the pay ratio rule.

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