Eighth annual alternative investment funds seminar series

Please complete and submit the form below to access highlights and course materials from PwC's eighth annual alternative investment funds seminar and related thought leadership from PwC, such as:
  • Eighth annual alternative seminar highlights
  • Hedge funds to reconsider administrators for valuations and risk analytics
  • PwC alternatives newsletter: Volume 3 no. 4
  • Investment management & real estate 'Point of View' series - on hot topics such as FAS 157 and internal controls reporting for hedge funds
  • 10 Minutes on fair value in financial reporting
  • 10 Minutes on data and identity theft
  • AU332 monograph
  • Transparency versus returns: The institutional investor view of alternative assets
  • European IMRE news: PwC's European Investment Management and Real Estate newsletter
  • The regulation, taxation and distribution of hedge funds around the globe
  • Fair value challenges in the current environment
  • Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2009
  • Global private equity report 2008
  • The exit slowdown and the new venture capital landscape
  • Investment company pricing and valuation: A focus on management responsibility and board oversight
  • PwC Korpacz Real Estate Investor Survey®
  • Harvesting value while reducing costs
  • The privacy paradox: The challenges of locking down data in an open world
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