2012 Securities Litigation Study video series

Join PwC Partner Patricia Etzold as she hosts our Securities Litigation Video Series to gather insights from those who have expertise in areas including cybercrime, merger and acquisitions, and pharma and life science as they discuss today’s business environment and its implications for securities litigation.

Cyber threat implications for Securities Litigation and disclosures
Join PwC Forensic Services Partner Patricia Etzold as she interviews Alan Charles Raul of Sidley Austin LLP and Shane Sims, director, PwC Forensic Services about what companies’ should know today about cyber security disclosers in an age of cyber crime and data breaches. What industries are being targeted — and by whom? What are cyber criminals looking for — and how can it be protected?

Pharma and life science: How healthy is litigation risk resistance?
Where are Pharmaceutical and life science companies significantly prone to litigation today? PwC Partner Patricia Etzold is joined by Christopher Albani, Principal, and Anup Kharode, director, PwC Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences for insight into what companies should know about risk-based innovation, product safety issues, and corruption in today’s fast-paced, rapidly evolving health industry in a globally connected world.

Mitigating risks while doing due diligence
As companies look to grow through deals, it’s crucial that business leaders know where the specter of dispute tends to reside in the M&A process. PwC Partner Patricia Etzold asks the questions they need answers to in this informative interview with Transaction Services Partner Brian Vickrey and Kevin Kreb, PwC Forensic Services Partner, who discuss key risk areas, due diligence, and the importance of accounting methods and the legal language within purchase agreements.