Cleaning Up Corruption Video Series

What fosters and encourages corruption? In what countries is corruption viewed as a more significant challenge? How is corruption enforcement evolving and what might that mean to your institution?

We're aligning our anti-corruption focus to help organizations further their strategic initiatives, achieve growth, and derive value. This video series will give you a 360-degree view of current global corruption trends and how you can position your organization to stay clear of threats and realize strategic advantage going forward.

We address today's global anti-corruption realities in a new light — offering insights through the lenses of four diverse yet interconnected specialties — and creating a holistic view of the worldwide corruption challenges facing entities.

Psychology of Corruption
Our host Matt Shelhorse speaks with Duke University's Dan Ariely as he delivers insights into the psychology of deviant behavior. What influences a person to undertake corruption? What should you be looking for? How can you limit the threat by encouraging ethical behavior in your organization?

Anti-corruption strategies: a global assessment (Susan Cote-Freeman)
Our host Matt Shelhorse speaks with Transparency International’s Susan Cote-Freeman as she offers an informative report on the global anti-corruption environment. Know where corruption is considered to be more of an issue and put your organization into a better strategic position to find growth and value.

Understanding organizational risks (Kim Parker)
Our host Matt Shelhorse speaks with Wilmer & Hale’s Kim Parker as she shares her knowledge about the current enforcement environment, litigation trends and options, and how to leverage compliance to further protect your business’s strategy.

Leveraging compliance to further business strategy and growth (Manny Alas)
Our host Matt Shelhorse speaks with PwC's anti-corruption practice co-leader Manny Alas, as they discuss how entities can stay clear of corruption today, and address our point of view on the increasingly salient issue: how one organization's stumbling block can be another organization's opportunity to realize business goals and growth, unleash value, and forge a strong, solid long-term strategic position.