Licensing in the boardroom

This supplement to Intellectual asset management magazine identifies and explains the key issues in intellectual property licensing. In addition, analyses of the programs and strategies employed by companies and universities in both the US and Europe provide a fuller understanding of how licensing can be harnessed to create significant bottom-line return and increase shareholder value. This publication is geared towards:
  • CEOs
  • Finance directors
  • Marketing directors
  • Senior in-house counsel
  • University technology licensing directors
Licensing in the boardroom 2009: Keeping a close eye on licensing
An effective post-agreement licensee monitoring strategy is an excellent way for companies to maximize the value of their revenue streams; as with so many aspects of a successful business relationship, communication is key.

Licensing in the boardroom 2008: Putting a stop to IP licensing revenue leakage
Intellectual property may be the currency of tomorrow, but gaining control over licensing agreements—and the related tracking processes and controls—is today’s imperative

Licensing in the boardroom 2007: Self-reporting contract compliance: a hidden liability in your business?
This article examines why a large percentage of agreements have undetected reporting issues associated with them, which could result in either additional payments to partners or additional revenue for your company.

Licensing in the boardroom 2006: Partner compliance and dealing with revenue leakage
This article explores the most significant licensing compliance issues in life sciences, entertainment & media and technology