IT expert witness services

PwC professionals are able to assist clients who grapple with complex information technology issues in the context of litigation or risks facing the company.

Nearly every aspect of business today involves complex information technology and communication resources and related concerns. Our experience in global markets and focused industry support provides our clients with unique advantages to understand and address how technology is used and managed in the course of business.

Our experience and credentials are relied upon to provide critical analysis and objective reporting. This includes expert testimony concerning specific and general policies, procedures, standards, methods, and practices of corporate information and communications technology (ICT) management and governance.

Particular areas of specialized application of our experience includes:
  • Privacy and information security incident response and investigations
  • Electronic data management and production
  • Data quality analysis
  • Source code analysis and intellectual property claims review
  • Systems test and assurance
  • Technical business interruption investigations
  • Financial or securities fraud investigations
  • Forensic procedures