Investigate! FAQ

What is Investigate!?

Investigate is a unique way to present current topics regarding regulation and compliance risk to your organization's employees. Using short videos and an investigation simulation, participants increase their awareness of:
  • The implications of regulatory enforcement (fraud, bribery, etc);
  • Preparation for regulatory enforcement action and the pitfalls of a poorly executed investigation; and
  • An appropriate compliance response.

How long are the sessions?

A short session using only the videos and a facilitated discussion usually lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours. A longer session which adds the investigation simulation can be 2-3 hours.

Who in my organization should attend?

An Investigate! session without the simulation is intended for the senior management of functions that encounter regulatory and compliance risk. The Board of Directors would also benefit from a short session. The longer Investigate! session which includes the simulation is intended for Internal Audit, Compliance, Finance and Accounting groups. Any area responsible for compliance within your organization would benefit from the workshop.

What are the benefits of participation?

Investigate! participants have indicated that they have increased awareness of compliance risks at their organization including their individual role in the overall compliance framework and a greater understanding of the risks of non-compliance. The longer sessions also increased the participants' professional scepticism and increased team building.

Can the participants receive continuing education credits for the sessions?

PwC can work with your organization to issue credits to the participants that should qualify for state board of accountancy requirements.

How does the simulation session work?

After watching the 15 minute intro video, the participants are broken up into teams of 3-4 at a computer. Each team must conduct their own "investigation" based upon the events portrayed in the video. Interviews of relevant personnel, searchable email, cell phone records, data analytics, company documents and corporate intelligence reports are all available to the teams. At the end of the session, the participants are asked to categorize the "hot" documents by fraud scheme and perpetrator. The simulation provides the teams feedback and a final score of the efforts.

How many participants can attend?

The shorter session can be tailored to almost any size audience. The longer session which include the investigation simulation work best with a 12-35 participants.

How do I get more information about scheduling an Investigate! session for my organization?

Reach out to a local Market Champion for Investigate!