Protect and preserve the value of your intellectual property

Are you extracting the right value from your IP?

Intellectual property is intrinsically connected to business value. Yet software, patents and other intellectual property can be tricky to measure, protect and fully leverage. The challenges multiply when you enter into IP deals — joint ventures, licensing, distribution and other strategic alliances — which carry hidden risks such as counterparty failure, revenue leakage and litigation.

Here’s the dilemma: While your business model and competitive landscape may require you to engage in strategic IP deals, you face a constant risk — that the benefits of such deals may never materialize. That’s why intellectual property contracts require enormous attention to detail, at every stage — from strategy and valuation, to negotiation and execution, to compliance and monitoring

Trust-based agreement

When trust is at stake, objectivity, experience and perspective can make all the difference.

Regardless of your industry or geographic profile, a strategic approach and a forensic mindset can increase the value of your IP and contractual relationships and deliver the investment results you’re after. Our specialists possess deep and broad experience as well as local language, cultural and business expertise. We stand ready to protect your interests and to help you realize the full value of your contracts, no matter where or how you do business, including:

  • Licensing management and contract compliance
  • Software asset management
  • Strategic IP advice
  • Compliance inspections
  • Computer forensics & e-Discovery
  • Investigative & regulatory analytics
  • Corporate intelligence & strategic threat management