Information risk management

PwC’s Information risk management professionals assist clients in developing a repeatable and defensible process to respond to discovery demands in litigation or regulatory matters. Leveraging our e-Discovery Response experience, PwC knows what clients need to do to reduce the risks and costs associated with potential litigations and compliance related issues.

Through our innovative joint business relationship with Iron Mountain, PwC assists clients to identify and classify relevant information across the enterprise, and develop and implement appropriate policies, procedures and technology choices related to information risk management and electronic discovery readiness.

PwC helps clients by designing and implementing preventative measures such as:
  • Creating formal discovery processes that are defensible, repeatable and actionable
  • Developing a data map of electronically stored information (ESI) so responding attorneys know what they have and where it is located
  • Defining appropriate legal hold policies and procedures, and providing training and education to all levels and departments
  • Identification, testing and implementation of technology tools to support the discovery process
  • Compliance reviews to ascertain whether policies and procedures are being followed
  • Formulating policies and procedures relating to departing employees
  • Information system policy and procedure reviews for electronic document retention and disposition
  • Conducting cost/benefit analysis to determine return on investment (ROI) of various programs and policies to assist with needs case
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