Contract properly with the government

Binding obligations

Government contract law regulates everything from bid to closeout. Prudence dictates that your compliance agenda, too, should span all phases of contract performance, and forestall snags such as withheld payments, payback demands, price adjustments and fines. But complexity is an issue: the US government has an array of regulations, including the False Claims Act, the Truth in Negotiations Act, the Davis-Bacon Act, Cost Accounting Standards and the Buy American Act, which aim to reduce waste, fraud and abuse in its contracting operations. Complying with these safeguards can protect your business from financial risks, suspension or non-consideration for future government work.

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Contracting for success

You want your company to succeed. Competent policies, controls and processes that meet federal operational and risk management guidelines can form the cornerstones of this success. PwC professionals are thoroughly versed in government contracting, and bring extensive experience to bear when evaluating the outlook for your business. In today's challenging economic climate, government contractors face tight budgets and ever-increasing demands to boost productivity and efficiency. We can help you navigate these often conflicting demands and create a win-win plan for your business.