Fraud risk mitigation

PwC’s fraud risks and controls specialists manage and reduce fraud and abuse by taking the offensive against external and internal misconduct.

We help clients:
  • Identify opportunities to protect assets and cut costs and revenue leakage

  • Gain a competitive advantage in higher risk countries and industries

  • Avoid and reduce criminal and civil sanctions

  • Safeguard reputation and brand value

  • Equip front line personnel to serve as an effective first line of defense by training operations and finance personnel on misconduct risk management

  • Remediate gaps in anti-fraud programs and controls with customized solutions

  • Identify significant external and internal misconduct risks through PwC common and industry specific risk registers, fraud case digest and proprietary data analytics tools

  • Develop and evaluate preventive and detective controls

  • Design procedures to monitor and detect key risk factors and indicators of fraud, corruption and abuse

  • Develop and review incident response and remediation processes

  • Prevent recurrence when misconduct occurs

  • Establish processes to track key qualitative and quantitative measures

  • Monitor specific business units that require additional oversight by establishing periodic checkpoints for operational fraud risk assessment

  • Assessing risk and performing control gap analyses over procurement , contracting and purchase-to-pay cycles
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