Export Control Challenges

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As US government agencies continue to take increasingly strict action to curb export control violations, business leaders need to know where they stand and what they should do to keep their operations aboveboard and afloat. Penalties such as denial of export privileges — even on a temporary basis — can have long-term implications for the organization’s financial and reputational well being. In the short term, individuals and corporations alike can incur severe civil and criminal penalties for failure to comply. Some fines and penalties have been among the largest-ever levied on a company or individual in civil and criminal proceedings. With globalization on the rise and export laws and regulations varying by country, the challenge of running a tight ship in relation to export and re-export laws grows particularly steep for companies with global operations. Recognizing the potential for choppy waters, many business leaders are focused anew on the need to strengthen their export compliance programs.

"The US has one of the most robust export control systems in the world. But it's rooted in the Cold War era of over 50 years ago and must be updated to address the threats we face today and the changing economic and technological landscape."
– President Barack Obama

Is your company poised for compliance?

How does US law view exporting? Like driving, it’s a privilege — not a right.

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The ability to demonstrate appropriate due diligence can go a long way toward cultivating credibility among regulators in the event of an enforcement action. This means knowing your export compliance obligations, aligning adequate compliance staff, maintaining and documenting the right policies and procedures and accessing record keeping that can illustrate for regulators your commitment to due diligence. Whatever your industry, we can customize solutions for you from our wide array of proven, effective project-based and staff augmentation services to help you manage and integrate trade compliance across your operations — from product development through post-shipment and re-export, in one location or many, across the United States and around the world.