Strategically Navigate Disputes, Claims & Controversy

Are you dealing with a dispute?

No company goes into business, or enters into an agreement, expecting to become embroiled in conflict or controversy. Yet business disputes do arise, and when they do, the stakes can be extremely high.

Add to this the complexity of SEC laws and regulations – and that regulators and law enforcement agencies worldwide have stepped up coordination in identifying red flags. The ideal response to allegations of malfeasance weighs all financial and economic options to best define and solve the forensic puzzle at hand.

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From the boardroom to the courtroom, we’ve got your back

Whatever the nature of your dispute — and regardless of whether it is settled in the courtroom, boardroom, or arbitration room — success is often predicated on the depth and credibility of your data, the power of your analytical work, and the ways both can inform a winning legal strategy.

We provide our corporate and individual clients and their legal advisors with access to forensic accountants, financial analysts, actuaries, auditors, economists and statisticians, grounded in deep industry experience. Whether your case centers on complex accounting issues, breach of contract, intellectual property infringement, business valuation, international arbitration or a range of other disputes, our Forensics professionals can help strengthen your chances of prevailing.

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Forensic accounting & statistical analysis
  • Insurance claims
  • International arbitration
  • Computer forensics & e-Discovery
  • Investigative & regulatory analytics
  • Corporate intelligence & strategic threat management