Realize the value of intellectual property

A difference of opinion

A contractual arrangement, like any endeavor, can deliver, fall short or surprise. But when these relationships do go bad, resolution can be difficult. Contracts and business partner relationships can deliver significant value, but they also carry inherent risk, so they demand preparation, attention and monitoring. Uncertain licensing arrangements, joint ventures and other strategic alliances can fail to live up to expectations. Away from the negotiating table, counterparties may discover that certain obligations are self-reported or poorly monitored. Breakdowns can arise from misunderstandings, interpretations, compliance differences, flawed internal controls and a host of other challenges.

Trust-based agreement

When trust is at stake, objectivity, experience and perspective can make all the difference. PwC’s contract compliance and licensing management specialists possess the requisite technical accounting and investigative experience to help you create an effective compliance strategy, recover revenue, generate cost savings and resolve compliance issues in your interactions with business partners. A strategic approach can increase the value of your contractual and business partner relationships and deliver the investment results you're after, regardless of your industry or geographic profile.