Financial services regulatory practice: How we can help asset managers

October 2014


Asset management firms face unprecedented regulatory and compliance challenges. They must grapple with the regulatory framework and demands of the landmark Dodd Frank Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act), as well as rules governing many aspects of their business – from the advice they provide, the way they trade securities, how they market themselves and the disclosures they provide, to their employees’ personal trading and political contributions. Keeping up with the new regulations and ensuring effective implementation is daunting.

At the same time, the expectations of asset management firms have never been higher. Key stakeholders including investors, clients and prospective clients are demanding greater transparency and more assurance that the manager has strong compliance and internal controls. Recent frauds and compliance failures have only heightened their concerns and expectations. Senior managers and boards of directors need confidence that their firm has no unintended and undiscovered compliance problems. Existing legacy compliance programs may not be adequate to meet these expectations.

Heightened regulatory expectations place additional pressure on asset management firms. Regulators expect a comprehensive, tailored, state-of-art compliance program with full testing, use of technological tools, and expertise. The consequences of non-compliance are regularly front-page news, and a compliance failure can be fatal to a firm’s business.

PwC can help asset management firms of all types address regulatory compliance issues and manage regulatory risk effectively. From an initial risk assessment to a soup-to-nuts compliance review, our asset management regulatory team can help firms have confidence that their compliance program meets regulatory, investor, client and management expectations. Our experienced professionals have diverse backgrounds in the asset management industry, and bring up-to-the minute perspective and a strong knowledge of current industry leading practices.

This brochure outlines the issues as we see them and how we can help asset management firms address those issues.

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