Getting to Know You: Building a Customer-Centric Business Model for Retail Banks

April 2011
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Getting to Know You: Building a Customer-Centric Business Model for Retail Banks

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Do you know what it takes to evolve into a more customer-centric enterprise? We'll show you how leading firms have cracked the code at critical times. You can, too.

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This new report provides insights into how leading banks are improving their competitiveness and profitability by shifting to a more customer-centric model.

The report finds that retail banks in the United States have been built largely along product lines, with products launched, sold, and maintained in silos. This disaggregated model has increased costs, hindered cross-selling, and impeded the ability of banks to know their customers and inspire a high level of loyalty. With expanded competition, increasing customer acquisition and retention expenses, and escalating compliance and operating costs, banks face a growing squeeze on profitability.

Leading banks are dismantling their product silos to become more customer-centric, improving their profitability, and enhancing their competitiveness. Our report identifies three critical elements in becoming customer-centric: Breaking down product silos and restructuring incentives, understanding customer needs and behavioral drivers, and delivering a consistently high-quality customer experience. The report identifies how leading institutions are implementing these strategies through changes any bank can make to its own organization, and also includes the results of a recent PwC consumer survey on retail banking preferences.