Rebooting Your IT Strategy: Using IT to Accelerate Your Business

April 2011

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Download: Rebooting Your IT Strategy: Using IT to Accelerate Your Business

How are financial services firm CIOs tapping IT organizations to build benefits and cue-up competitive advantage? We'll show you how here and now.

As financial institutions emerge from the financial crisis, new regulatory pressures and evolving business models are putting pressure on IT to both increase efficiency and support rapidly evolving business strategies. In our review of IT organizations across the financial services industry and in discussions with CIOs leading the transformation, we have found that firms are reaping significant benefits when their IT organizations (1) act as innovators and (2) are closely aligned with their business groups.

At leading firms, IT organizations are not relegated to a tactical role. Rather, they are strategic business advisors that deliver IT solutions that enhance products and channels to better serve customers, while reducing risks. Leading IT organizations support today’s agile financial institutions by:

  • Providing timely and useful data and analysis to help decision makers anticipate, manage, and create change.
  • Generating maximum return on technology investments, harnessing IT to drive the business, and managing and capitalizing on IT-related risks.
  • Embracing an IT operating model that helps to sustain and advance the company’s strategies and objectives.