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Top financial services industry issues
Our annual discussion of the themes that will define the year ahead. What can you do now to prepare for success in 2017?

Brace for impact: Why FS firms need to prepare for fundamental changes in IT sourcing
Financial services companies face challenges regarding IT sourcing such as improving competitiveness, reducing cost, and realigning business strategy.

Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management solutions to support your regulatory reporting
PwC has experienced multiple successful implementations using Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) technology to enhance financial institutions’ regulatory reporting.

A data-first approach accelerates transformations
Traditional transformation projects typically identify data gaps too late in the project life cycle, leading to increased cost and project delays.

Get your head in the cloud
It's time for banks to embrace the cloud as a business priority, not just an IT solution.

Consumer marketing: Stop pitching, start relating
To avoid being overlooked, banks should connect with customers early on in their journey and evolve their marketing message alongside the path to purchase.

Across the boards: Views from the financial services boardroom
Find out what financial services directors think about cyber, IT, risk, meetings, activists, and more.

Market utilities in financial services: What role will you play?
With increasing frequency, companies in the financial-services industry are pooling resources, expertise, and capabilities to create market utilities focused on specific functions such as client services and on-boarding, trading and execution, and cash and collateral management. 

Customers: What will they need tomorrow?
Financial institutions face a paradox: satisfy current customers or future ones?

Implications of Collateral Settlement Fails
From September, new rules for bilateral clearing of OTC derivatives will increase the number of collateral movements between market participants. 

Path to purchase: Guiding customers through winding digital roads
Traditional institutions can fend off disruptors by becoming more customer-centric, analytic, and digitally-focused.

Digital banking: A tale of two cities
Traditional institutions must adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape in order to best meet customer needs.

Financial Services: 2015 SEC comment letter trends
This paper discusses the recent areas of focus and applicable accounting or reporting guidance in SEC staff’s comment letters issued over the past few years to registrants within the financial services industry.

All aboard: Delivering the onboarding experience customers demand
How can financial institutions streamline and enhance customer onboarding to promote long-term, profitable relationships?

Money is no object: Understanding the evolving cryptocurrency market
What is cryptocurrency? How might the technology behind it disrupt financial services? How might this new market evolve?

Serving the connected consumer of the future
A joint Strategy& and Electronic Transactions Association survey recently studied 1000+ consumers, 25+ merchants, and 50+ payments executives to understand consumer and merchant pain points and overlay against payment providers perception of the market.

Playing the part: Streamlining role-based access control
Want to streamline the user-access experience and more tightly restrict access? Implement role-based access control.

Risk Appetite Frameworks: Insights on evolving global practices
The International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers (“IACPM”) and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (“PwC”) jointly performed a study to understand industry practices and challenges of developing, implementing, and enhancing risk appetite frameworks.

An ounce of prevention: Why financial institutions need automated testing
Need a reliable way to prevent costly—and potentially catastrophic—software errors? Try automating functional testing.

A flex-able future: Integrating workplace flexibility at financial institutions
The demand for flexibility in the workplace is rising. Find out how to implement flexibility at your financial institution.

State of compliance 2014: Financial services industry brief
Even though the corporate compliance function is better developed in the financial services sector than in other industries it continues to evolve.

Mending the Gender Gap: Advancing Tomorrow's Women Leaders in Financial Services
Despite making up more than half the workforce in financial institutions, women continue to dramatically lag behind their male counterparts in leadership roles. The lack of women leaders is grabbing the global spotlight. That’s because it’s far more than a social issue - it’s a problem with financial, legislative, risk management, and talent retention implications.

2012 US financial services M&A insights: Balancing uncertainty and opportunity
PwC's annual review of financial services industry mergers and acquisitions with a review of major trends and an outlook on future m&a activity.

When the Growing Gets Tough: How Retail Banks Can Thrive in a Disruptive, Mobile, Regulated World
As the United States emerges from the financial crisis, retail banks are striving to outperform their competitors while grappling with unprecedented regulatory challenges and shifts in consumer behavior. Banks are also assessing the implications and opportunities created by mobile phones and social media.