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As the regulatory landscape becomes clearer, industry consolidation and the desire for scale will continue to increase M&A activities. At PwC, we help financial companies make acquisitions, divestments, and strategic alliances. Our range of services spans the entire deal spectrum from strategy development and evaluation to post-acquisition integration and divestitures.

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Our financial services acquisition integration work spans both enterprise wide and function specific integration management and tactical execution with a focus on realizing deal objectives and synergies.

We help our clients execute a speedy, problem-free integration by supporting the overall integration program across the organization and assisting with specific functional areas as needed.

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PwC is a cross industry leader in working with financial services clients to strategize, prepare and deliver carve-outs and separations, and set up IPOs. Not only does PwC bring strong skills across the array of business functions (e.g., technology, finance, regulatory, change management, SMO setup and management) in preparing separations and IPOs, we also leverage proprietary toolkits for a standard and efficient deployment. The confluence of these deep skills, seasoned professionals and toolkits will add value at every step of your separation and IPO journey.

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