Game of Threats™ -- A cyber threat simulation

Game of Threats™ is a digital game that is designed to simulate the speed and complexity of an actual cyber breach. The solution integrates elements of gamification and game theory to provide an interactive client experience where a client team playing itself tries to defend itself from a of threat actors team (also played by company personnel). The game environment creates a realistic experience where both sides are required to make quick, high impact decisions with minimal information. At its core, Game of Threats™ is a critical decision making game that has been designed to reward good decisions by the players, and to penalize teams for making poor decisions. Players walk away with a better understanding of the steps they need to take to better secure their companies.

Fundamentally, Game of Threats™ was created to deliver a unique experience by allowing clients to feel pressure as they make fast paced decisions and to see potential consequences of their actions in real-time. Our game forces players to make choices about how to attack (if playing the threat actor) and defend (if playing the company) with limited information and to balance investment in capability and responding to the other teams’ actions and plans.

PwC moderators facilitate a direct dialogue with clients about their choices during the game and provide on the spot feedback about strategy and decision-making. This approach elevates the impact of Client investments in cybersecurity awareness through real-time feedback on their selected actions, and a discussion about alternate responses and their potential outcomes.

Key takeaways from players:

  • Learn lessons about your company’s ability to respond to a cyber attack
  • Understand the potential ramifications and remediation options after an attack
  • Understand what your company can do to prevent an attack
  • Gain insight into the mindset of Threat Actors
  • Learn key cyber security trends and terminology
  • Spark a leadership discussion about your cybersecurity readiness

Learn about the features of Game of Threats™ in the interactive graphic below