Tax Colloquium

The Tax Colloquium is an annual program sponsored by PwC that precedes the American Accounting Association meeting. Selected tax faculty from top colleges and universities from across the country are invited to learn more about PwC and the profession. The Tax Colloquium is a one and a half day program designed to provide an update for faculty on current regulatory and other developments in the business environment and the tax profession. The program is intended to give audiences a rich overview of critical emerging tax issues and provide materials that can be used in academic papers and in the classroom. A variety of PwC partners and subject matter experts combine to provide a comprehensive update on topics that are important to the academic community.

The 2011 Tax Colloquium was held on August 4-5th at the Marriott City Center in Denver, Colorado.

The 2011 agenda included the following topics and presenters:
  1. Tax Practice Update: Rick Stamm
  2. Mergers & Acquisitions: The Impact of US Corporate Tax System on the Post-Transaction Tax Integration After a Global Acquisition: Mark Boyer, Tadd Fowler
  3. Tax Policy Issues Being Addressed in Washington: Brian Meighan, Lindy Paull
  4. The Existing US Compliance Gap and the Current Legislative Approach to Closing the Gap: Kevin Brown, Brian Meighan, Ron Schultz
  5. Regulation of the Profession: Laura Cox Kaplan, Roy Strowd
  6. Resource Needs for the Future of our Profession: Mike Fenlon, Holly Paul
  7. Town Hall Discussion: Rick Stamm, Tim Ryan

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The 2012 Tax Colloquium will be held in early August in the Washington DC. Further details will be posted as the program date draws near.