Faculty newsletter

September 2014

Dear Educator:

Welcome back to campus! We hope the new academic year is off to a great start! Our campus recruiting teams are enjoying the chance to connect with many of you as momentum builds around our Fall campus recruiting activities.

In this newsletter, we are pleased to share our Top 10 ranking once again by Working Mother’s magazine. We also highlight the recent webcast by Lean In to launch their Campus program, the launch of PwC Professional and our 365TM Thought Leadership App. In addition, we have featured our Global Data and Analytics Survey, The Quarter Close, the Worldwide Tax Summaries 2014/2015 and a Tax Case Study from our Challenge competition for use in the classroom

Top 10 Working Mother's 100 Best Companies 2014

We are very pleased to share that PwC is ranked in the Top 10 on Working Mother's 100 Best companies list for 2014-- marking the 20th time the firm has been recognized and the 11th time the firm has made the Top 10. As a Top 10 organization, PwC's gender initiatives are highlighted in the September issue of Working Mother magazine. Additionally, PwC Assurance Partner Lisa Heskett is profiled in the publication as an example of how our working mothers are driving change within the firm while raising a family.

On September 18th, students around the world gathered to watch the Lean In Campus Kickoff with Sheryl Sandberg and our partner organization, LeanIn.Org, to engage in a discussion about the power of women in your generation and the ways in which you can support one another to achieve your ambitions. They shared their Lean In on Campus program, how to get involved, and answered questions. If you or your students were unable to participate in the webcast, we encourage you to view the archive at http://new.livestream.com/leanin/campuskickoff/archives

The PwC Professional: Shape Tomorrow's World. Today.

At PwC today, we're building the leaders who are building tomorrow. Leaders at all levels who are solving important problems and helping our clients succeed in an increasingly challenging global landscape. Our people drive client value and competitive advantage for our firm. And we strive to give them the tools they need to grow, fulfill their potential and experience PwC as a great place to work. One key way we do this? The PwC Professional.

The PwC Professional is our new global career progression framework designed to enrich and accelerate the leadership development of our people at PwC, no matter what their role, title or geography. It is our guiding set of principles for attracting, retaining, developing and inspiring our people. It is the heart of what makes our people and our brand stand apart from the rest. With a real-time development mindset that emphasizes frequent informal feedback to maximize strengths and quickly close gaps, we drive continuous learning against the PwC Professional framework throughout the year. No matter how fast our world changes, the PwC Professional prepares us not only to stay ahead of it, but to help change it.

Use 365TM to access PwC Thought Leadership!

If you have not yet downloaded 365TM, we encourage you to take a few minutes to do so. The app can be customized by topics, industries and your favorite authors and is a great tool to give you access to current info. You can also save and share any ideas that interest you. Download the app for your iPad or iPhone.

PwC's Global Data & Analytics Survey 2014: Big Decisions

Businesses make thousands of decisions a day. Most are routine, designed in some way to improve profitability. But don't be deceived. Much has changed. The advance of data - the sheer amount of it, and analytics - an increasing facility in drawing insights from data, now underpin many of those operational decisions. In fact, a growing subset of those small but important decisions is automated, triggered by programs that respond in real-time without human direction.

So with data-driven decisions making inroads across operations, what happens when the time comes for a business to shift course? These are the 'big decisions' that executives know from the onset will impact their organisations in big ways, and the moments that call into question not only what data is being used, but the effectiveness of the analysis. Was it the right data in the first place? Were the right insights drawn? And what role should an executive's instinct play?

This is the juncture that interested us. Given the pace of change and the pressure on business to adapt to thrive, we wanted to learn how often executives make those big decisions and what inputs they value most. Our global survey of 1,135 executives looks at the most significant decisions about the strategic direction of the business and the impact of data and analytics. To view the key findings, click here.

The quarter close: Second quarter 2014 and Video perspectives

This edition updates you on recent FASB, SEC and other regulatory and corporate governance topics. Learn what's new now, and what to look for in the near future. We invite you to download our Q2 publication and view our new video perspectives

Worldwide Tax Summaries: Corporate Taxes 2014/15

Worldwide Tax Summaries (WWTS) is a key reference tool for all tax practitioners. It draws on the breadth and depth of expertise offered by PwC, and gives you quick access to information about the corporate and individual tax systems in over 150 countries worldwide, in an easily digestible format. WWTS is available in a number of formats to suit your needs. For more information, click here.

Challenge - Tax Case for Classroom Use

We are pleased to make materials from a past PwC Challenge Case Competition available for professors to use as they deem appropriate for their students. The materials are on our faculty website in PwC Faculty Resources. We hope this will be a valuable resource.

We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us at pwc.university.relations@us.pwc.com if we can be of assistance to you.

Best Regards,

Julie Peters
US University Relations Leader