PwC Accounting and Tax Symposium

The Accounting and Tax Symposium is an annual program hosted by PwC that precedes the American Accounting Association meeting. Selected accounting faculty from top colleges and universities across the country are invited to learn more about PwC and the profession. The Accounting and Tax Symposium is a one and a half day program designed to update faculty on current business topics and issues. A variety of PwC partners and subject matter experts combine to provide a comprehensive update on topics that are important to the academic community.

The agenda for the 2015 Accounting and Tax Symposium at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel includes the following topics and presenters:

Combined Accounting and Tax sessions:

  • Global Megatrends and the PwC Purpose: Tim Ryan, Bryan Barnhill, Shannon Schuyler
  • Blindspots – Hidden Biases: Mahzarin Banaji
  • Blindspots – panel discussion: Mike Fenlon, Mahzarin Banaji, Elena Richards

Accounting sessions:

  • Assurance Practice Update: Bill Brennan, John Oleniczak
  • Shareholder Activism: Paula Loop, Chet Mowrey
  • SEC and Accounting Update: Cody Smith, Patrick Higgins
  • Audit and PCAOB Update: Neil Weingarten, Staci Wheeler
  • Investor Exchange Role Play: Patrick Higgins, Mila Petrova

Tax sessions:

  • Tax Update: Mark Mendola
  • Data, Analytics and Technology: Michael Shehab, Tim Lapetina
  • Legislative Update and Tax Policy Implications: Rohit Kumar, Peter Merrill
  • Financial Reporting for Taxes: Ken Kuykendall, David Wiseman