Toward a New Global Order

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Managing the global competition for resources


Driven by the pace of emerging market industrialization, the world’s appetite for natural resources is growing rapidly. World demand for energy is projected to increase by 35% between 2011 and 2036.


Encouraging and protecting innovation


Innovation is arguably the largest single driver of economic growth in the US, but remains a hit-or-miss proposition for most companies, often with more misses than hits.


Building a US export economy


Increasing US exports may well be critical to both the resolution of global economic imbalances and and the ability of US firms to capitalize on the rise of emerging economies.


Forging a stronger US–China relationship


The US is China’s primary export market, and China’s consumption spending is projected to grow by neaerly 10% per year to 2020.


Improving global health


Health challenges around the world are threatening to overwhelm the public and private resources available to meet them—and in some cases, they are already affecting the competitiveness of both companies and nations.

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Led by senior editors from the Journal, the CEO Council annual meeting brings together 100 of the world's most powerful chief executives each year to work together to address the most pressing public policy and business issues, from fiscal stimulus to health care and energy.

This year's theme is "Toward a New Global Order" and will focus on China's role in the world, the global economy, job creation, and the deficit. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Zhang Xin, CEO and co-founder of real estate company SOHO China, will join the opening night discussion.

Topics include: