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PwC's Energy practice invites you to join us for a webcast on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at 1:00 PM CDT titled Managing inventory in the current oil price environment. 

As the current market environment puts increasing pressure on the oil and gas industry to reduce costs and limit profit erosion, organizations are looking to inventory professionals to deliver on reduction targets. During the webcast we will explore issues around managing inventory, and what companies can do to reduce inventory levels, maintain performance goals, and position themselves for the market recovery. 

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One hour of CPE credit will be offered to those individuals viewing the webcast live.


PwC’s Energy practice invites you to join us for a webcast on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 1:00 PM Central Time titled Valuations in energy: Examining the impact of commodity prices. 

The downturn over the past 2 years has presented a challenging environment for valuing businesses and assets in the energy industry. This webcast will examine recent trends and key inputs and assumptions utilized in energy industry valuations. We will also discuss the impact of these valuation trends on financial reporting requirements, particularly around asset impairment testing. 

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One hour of CPE credit will be offered to those individuals viewing the webcast live.

About PwC's Energy Executive Webcast Series

PwC's energy executive webcast series provides practical guidance on recent energy issues and developments. Our webcasts, designed for energy executives, keep you informed of new and emerging issues impacting the energy industry and provide insight into recent trends and opportunities within the sector.

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  • First quarter M&A update - April 28, 2016 

    M&A activity in the Oil & Gas industry kicked off 2016 on a low note. The persistent volatility in oil and gas prices, along with the limited access to capital markets pressured valuations, and pushed deal-makers in the industry to the sidelines. However, the companies that have adjusted to this lower for longer market environment have the opportunity to develop advantageous M&A strategies that position them for the next upcycle. Tune in to the next PwC Energy M&A webcast to hear more about the current trends in oil and gas deal-making.
  • Sourcing in the current oil price environment - April 20, 2016

    As the current market environment puts increasing pressure on the oil and gas industry to reduce costs and limit profit erosion, organizations are looking to supply chain to deliver on cost reduction targets. During the webcast we will explore issues around sourcing, and what companies can do to enhance cost benefits and position themselves for the market recovery.
  • Digital in Energy - April 6, 2016

    As lower oil prices continue to crimp margins, intense pressure has been placed on energy companies to improve operational efficiencies. On this webcast we will examine how companies can leverage digitization across the value chain of oil and gas operation and discuss strategies and differentiated capabilities needed to win in this space.  
  • Doing business in Africa: Africa energy tax updates - March 23, 2016

    The declining oil prices have presented major challenges for oil driven economies, as well as other economies in Africa. The need to diversify their economies, devise alternative sources of revenue to finance budgets, and sustain the economy at large, have become the direct pursuit of various governments. This challenge is being tackled by several reforms and fiscal discipline to increase taxation revenue including, broadening the tax base, transparency in tax reporting, ease of paying taxes, enhance voluntary compliance, and maximizing tax collections. Multinational companies need to be familiar with these nascent tax reforms/changes and respond in a clear and effective manner that maximizes tax efficiency and ensures overall compliance. 

    Some of the countries legislative updates to cover include Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. During this webcast, we will split our time discussing Legislative updates and delving deeper into Africa tax topics. 
  • Fit for $50 Oil: Leaner for longer - February 24, 2016  

    As the oil and gas industry begins to accept the need to be leaner for longer, companies are seeking opportunities that will benefit first in a recovery. During this webcast, we will examine the plays that compress the pay-off timing and discuss how the evaluation of current capabilities and investment options can create a competitive advantage in the recovery.
  • Full-year M&A update - January 28, 2016

    In the last quarter, further oil price deterioration and corrosion in capital availability amplified uncertainty in the oil and gas industry and pushed deal-makers to the sidelines. 

    While megadeals continued to help drive the deals total, they didn't move the needle enough in the quarter as total deal number reached five-year lows. There was a decline in overall volumes and deal values across all segments of the sector. As a result, full year 2015 total deals number was the lowest in the past five years. On the upside, 2015 average deal value was at a five-year high, as lower volumes and megadeals in previous quarters pushed up the average deal values. 

    Join PwC's webcast to hear more about the trends and drivers of oil and gas deal activity and capital market activity in 2015.
  • Tax Function of the Future - January 13, 2016

    Never before has tax been more important to governments, taxpayers, and other stakeholders. Tax forms the basis for public spending, and governments want larger budgets to achieve their specific goals. The reputation and well-being of companies is also being impacted by external perceptions of how companies manage their tax affairs. Companies need to respond in a clear and thoughtful way to a much wider base of stakeholders than ever before, including not only tax authorities and governments, but also regulators, investors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the media and the general public.

    During this webcast, we will split our time discussing Legislative updates and delving deeper into the future of tax function.

  • SEC Comment Letter Trends - December 2, 2015

    Accounting and financial reports are at the heart of the SEC's core mission. Accurate, reliable, and transparent financial information provide investors the tools they need to make informed decisions and build the trust and confidence that promote capital formation. It comes as no surprise then that 2015 was another year of heavy interest for the SEC in the accounting and financial reporting arena. 

    Join PwC as we discuss the SEC's comments and how you can use them to help you through your year-end financial reporting process!

  • Transaction Trends in Oil & Gas - October 29, 2015

    Third quarter oil & gas deal activity was propelled by continuing activity in the midstream sector as well as equity commitments from Private Equity. Deal value increased significantly from the second quarter driven by megadeals totalling 90% of deal value in the quarter.
  • Overcoming Financial Distress - October 15, 2015

    In this webcast, our team of turnaround and bankruptcy professionals from our Deals practice, continues the conversation regarding companies in financial distress. While our prior session in June covered general bankruptcy topics, this webcast focuses on specific valuation topics as well as financial reporting requirements under US GAAP both during and, upon emergence from bankruptcy.
  • US Tax Controversy: Mitigating risk and uncertainty in today's changing environment - September 29, 2015

    For many companies, today’s tax controversy landscape represents a perfect storm. The Internal Revenue Service is increasing its enforcement efforts, focusing on large business tax compliance, and international tax issues. Audits are becoming more time-consuming for taxpayers and disruptive to their business. Join PwC as we discuss the current issues and challenges, and learn what you can do to mitigate risk and uncertainty.

  • Energy executive webcast series: Fit for $50 Oil: Managing through the trough - September 9, 2015

    As oil prices remain depressed, leading oil and gas companies are moving beyond quick win cost reductions to align their strategy and cost structure to what is becoming the new normal. During our next Fit for $50 Oil webcast, we will outline the market pressures that continue to shape the pricing landscape. Using this insight and a series of case studies, we will also discuss the approaches top energy companies are taking to create a sustainable business model that supports growth opportunities.

  • Transaction Trends in Oil and Gas: 2015 mid-year Energy deals update - August 6, 2015

    While the continued low oil price environment stalled deal-making in the upstream space during the first half of 2015, the midstream segment continues to engage in deal-making, particularly in corporate and mega-deals. Continued commodity price volatility pushed both corporate and financial investors to the side lines in anticipation for more clarity on the direction of the commodity prices.

  • Energy executive webcast series: Mid-year US Tax Legislative Update with The Honorable Dave Camp - July 15, 2015

    Halfway through 2015, several tax themes have emerged and continue to develop. After serious consideration of "corporate-only" tax reform, the conversation has turned to an attempt to modernize the US international tax regime in a way that would benefit not only corporations but pass-through entities and the broader US economy. The tax conversations are not taking place in a vacuum but rather are caught up in the overall revenue debate, including the search for ways to pay for a long-term fix to the nation's infrastructure needs. And not to be forgotten, there is still the need to consider already-expire tax extender provisions. Our panelists will discuss the current tax state-of-play and the outlook for the second half of 2015 in the midst of all the change and challenges.

  • Valuations and Impairments in the Energy Sector - June 24, 2015

    Impairments and related fair value measurements are top of mind for many energy companies given the current price environment. This webcast will provide you with information to help your accounting and reporting teams understand the valuation and impairment trends in the sector, including key assumptions, inputs and other considerations used by many energy companies in assessing long-lived assets for impairment. We will provide you with insights and analysis of recent impairment disclosures in SEC filings specific to the energy sector, and also share perspectives on challenging valuation matters and the road ahead.

  • Transaction Trends in Oil and Gas: Dealing with $50 oil: First quarter deal trends and analysis – May 14, 2015

    US oil and gas deal-making stalled during the first quarter of 2015 as oil price volatility created uncertainty in the industry and pushed buyers to the sidelines. The decrease in M&A activity was particularly evident in the upstream E&P segment which saw a decrease in the number of announced deals by 67% sequentially, and 35% when compared to the same period last year respectively. Shale deals also ticked down as the velocity and magnitude of the commodity price drop shifted the attention away from growth strategies and into cost reductions. The question now is what does this mean for deal-making for the rest of the year?

  • Energy executive webcast series: Capital Efficiency: Making smart decisions during uncertain times – April 15, 2015

    The oil & gas industry is an asset intensive business which requires continuous capital investment in order to deliver value to its customers and shareholders, even during macro-economic events like we're facing today. Capital Productivity, the ratio of revenue derived from capital deployed, is a measure of that value. Capital Productivity is largely determined by Capital Efficiency -- funding the right projects at the right time, finding off-ramps for those that no longer align with corporate strategy, developing assets at the lowest cost possible, and getting to production faster than the competition.

  • Energy executive webcast series: Organizational Readiness: Making smart decisions during uncertain times – March 4, 2015
    PwC's Energy practice invites you to join us for a webcast to discuss Organizational Readiness: Making smart decisions during uncertain times on March 4, 2015 at 2pm EST.

    The energy industry is currently facing challenging dynamics as the price of oil continues to fluctuate. Companies are being forced to make many changes to quickly restructure businesses and reduce operating expense to maintain earnings and shareholder value. To successfully balance these issues and frame decisions correctly, a forward looking strategy is required to help best position the organization and capabilities to compete as the industry rebounds. Join PwC as we discuss how companies can evaluate their organizational strategies and build new operating models to prepare for when the price of oil stabilizes.

  • Energy executive webcast series: State and local tax update for oil and gas – February 11, 2015
    PwC's Energy practice invites you to join us for a webcast to discuss State and local tax updates for oil & gas on February 11, 2015 at 1pm CST.

    With the recent fluctuations in oil prices, the various state and local taxing jurisdictions that have previously prospered as a result of increased revenue bases are now facing possible sharp reductions to those bases. As a result, they will undoubtedly be looking for ways to fill the expected gaps in revenue, and the industry must be prepared for what's to come. On this webcast, we plan to discuss a number of the latest trends and hot topics in state and local tax affecting the oil and gas industry, including recent legislative and regulatory changes, cases and policy decisions, and recent thought leadership.

  • Transaction Trends in Oil and Gas: A year in review: 2014 US Oil and Gas Deal Activity and Trends - January 29, 2015
    PwC's Oil and Gas Deals practice invites you to join us for a webcast on January 29 at 1:00 pm CST titled A year in review: 2014 US Oil and Gas Deal Activity and Trends.

    2014 was a significant year for US deal activity in the oil and gas sector. The US oil and gas deals market experienced unprecedented growth resulting in total deal value increasing by 133% relative to the preceding four year average with 2014 total deal value reaching $322 billion. Additionally, 2014 was an active year in the US capital markets for oil and gas companies. However after an active deals year, recent oil and gas price declines have reintroduced volatility to the oil and gas sector at levels not seen since the financial crisis. The question now is what does this mean for 2015 M&A activity?

  • Energy executive webcast series: Protecting license to operate - January 28, 2015
    PwC's Energy practice invites you to join us for a webcast to discuss Protecting license to operate on January 28, 2015 at 1pm CST Energy companies are under constant pressure to adapt not only to market demands, but environmental tensions, regulatory constraints and stakeholder needs. Across the global landscape, stakeholders are more vocal and challenging, and their interactions with business attracting significant attention. CEOs need to keep their company’s reputation intact and to secure their license to operate. So how can they engage more effectively with their stakeholders and meet shareholder demands? How can they identify and address the issues and risks that cause concern now, and in the future?

  • Energy Executive Webcast Series: New Congress, New Year: US Tax Legislative Update - January 14, 2015
    PwC's Energy practice invites you to join us for a webcast on January 14, 2015 at 1pm CST titled New Congress, New Year: US Tax Legislative Update. There's a new dynamic in Washington as a result of the November elections. The new Republican controlled Congress has changed the political playing field in DC. While we still have a politically divided government, we no longer have a divided Legislative Branch. The Executive Branch remains under Democrat control with its continuing power to issue regulations and executive orders. Over the next two years, we will see a continuing conflict to see who will set the agenda on both taxes and energy. In Congress, we have not only a large number of new Members but also new people in critical leadership positions. All of this change means new possibilities and new challenges.

  • SEC Comment Letter trends in the energy sector - December 10, 2014
    PwC's Energy practice invites you to join us for a webcast on December 10, 2014 at 1pm CST to discuss SEC Comment Letter trends in the energy sector. SEC reporting requirements are on top of mind for many preparers as we approach the close of another calendar year. This webcast will provide you with information to help your accounting and reporting teams prepare for the financial reporting season ahead, including understanding those key areas where the SEC is focusing its attention. We will provide you with insights and analysis of recent SEC comment letter trends specific to the energy sector, and also cover some important tips on how to make interactions with the SEC staff productive and efficient.

  • Energy Executive Webcast Series: Fit for $50 oil: Is your company in shape? - November 19, 2014
    PwC's Energy practice invites you to join us for our upcoming webcast, Fit for $50 oil: Is your company in shape? on November 19, 2014 at 1pm CST. The discussion will explore the dynamic levers impacting the current price of oil, and introduce PwC's "stress test" that evaluates financial, operational, commercial, portfolio, and talent factors to reveal the indicators that signal the ability of a company to withstand a period of sustained low prices.

  • Energy executive webcast series: Energy Tax Legislative Updates - November 5, 2014
    PwC's Energy practice invites you to join us for a webcast to discuss Energy Tax Legislative Updates on November 5, 2014 at 1pm CST. With a mid-term election on November 4, the short-term focus is on electoral issues, but the past eleven months have seen significant tax debates that will resonate as early as a lame-duck legislative session in December and into 2015. The near term holds decisions over tax extender packages, including the Senate's two-year approach and whether any of the House's attempts to make permanent policy can prevail. Webcast panelists will consider the current environment inside the beltway, as well as a comparison of the key aspects of the proposed tax reform proposals on tax rates, depreciation, research activity, and other issues affecting the energy industry.

  • Transaction Trends in Oil and Gas: Recent trends and the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on M&A - October 30, 2014
    PwC's Oil and Gas Deals practice invites you to join us for the third in our Transaction Trends in Oil and Gas webcast series on October 30. Our October webcast will highlight key trends in US and inbound Oil and Gas M&A during the last quarter. Unprecedented changes under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have an impact on all stakeholders in the healthcare system, including employers as benefit plan sponsors.

  • Energy executive webcast series: Improving profitability through data-driven decisions - October 8, 2014
    PwC's Energy practice invites you to join us for a discussion on how companies can leverage existing financial and operational data to understand detailed levels of market, asset, customer and product economics and transaction level profitability. Learn how this can help build strategic and operational capabilities, including new business processes, technologies, decision support models and performance management to deliver and sustain a step change in profitability and financial performance.

  • BEPS: Global alignment vs national interest? - September 22-23, 2014
    Please join us for a global webcast event to discuss the OECD's Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting, and what lies ahead for tax policy makers, business and the broader community.

  • The OECD discussion draft on Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country by Country Reporting - September 29, 2014
    Join PwC transfer pricing specialists for analysis of the anticipated OECD final paper on Transfer Pricing and Country by Country Reporting and of the potential impact on multinational businesses as a result of the changes to Chapter V of the Transfer Pricing Guidelines.

  • Technology trends in land management: Geographic Information Systems - August 27, 2014
    In the unconventional environment, land departments are challenged to manage an ever-growing number of leases and an expanding volume of data within their land systems while keeping pace with accelerated development plans, increased acquisition and divestiture activities, and changing reporting requirements. Concurrently, land organizations are experiencing knowledge loss due to the crew change from an aging workforce of seasoned professionals to the next generation who are struggling to adapt. Both factors are driving the use of increasingly sophisticated technology within and functions. The extensive capabilities of Geographic Information Systems provide a unique way to approach traditional land management activities and a wide variety of other business processes in order to bridge gaps and increase performance.

  • Transforming your Security Posture with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework - August 13, 2014
    Join for a discussion of how you can leverage the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to objectively assess your current as well as target security states provided the recent Havex malware attacks on the energy sector in order to drive communication with business leadership to convey strengths, weaknesses, and strategic goals.

  • Transaction Trends in Oil and Gas - July 31, 2014
    Our July webcast highlights key trends in US and inbound Oil and Gas M&A during the first half of the year.

  • Driving operational efficiency through integrated well lifecycle management – June 11, 2014
    This webcast discusses how the alignment of processes, technology, and behaviors can bridge the gap to provide transparency and efficiency to the management of the well life cycle.

  • The future of HRIS: How not to lose your head in the “clouds” – May 7, 2014
    This webcast reviews the three primary human resources technologies that have emerged within the cloud workspace, including discussion on what each offers, how to best prepare employees for such a technology change, and how to make it a part of a holistic cloud plan so executives can manage risk as well as opportunity.

  • Knowledge management and improved operational excellence – April 2, 2014
    In this webcast PwC and Oracle discuss possible solutions to some of the major challenges affecting the oil and gas industry and the role of knowledge management in building solutions, as well as the new and developing techniques that may driver greater user adoption and assure the ultimate success of a knowledge management program.

  • SASB Energy and mining update – March 12, 2014
    This webcast provides an overview of the SASB, an understanding of the Sustainability Accounting Standards for the energy and mining industry, and a discussion of what the standards mean for individual companies.

  • A focus on value creation: The year that was in oil and gas deals – February 13, 2014
    This webcast focuses on key themes found in the PwC quarterly M&A analysis along with insights on deals done in the past year and what the deal market for 2014 may hold.

  • Materials management in the oil and gas sector – January 29, 2014
    This webcast discusses the issues clients are currently facing within materials management, including balancing inventory investment with project and production requirements, identifying and remediating problems with excess project materials, and addressing the end to end materials management process.

  • The final tangible property repair regulations: Challenges and opportunities with the recent guidance – December 11, 2013
    In this webcast, PwC and PowerPlan provide an overview of the tangible property regulations including the safe harbor guidance, provide leading practices for implementing the regulations as well as specific review revenue procedures and safe harbor calculations, and highlight how to automate compliance, maximize value and support internal and external audit needs.

  • Lease accounting: Key issues affecting the energy industry – October 23, 2013
    This webcast discusses the FASB and IASB recently-published proposal on lease accounting and their impact on the energy industry, specifically focusing on whether drilling contracts are leases, how the proposal interacts with existing guidance on proportional consolidation and oil and gas accounting, and the impact on transportation and storage agreements.

  • Managing double taxation: Leading practices for the oil and gas industry – August 28, 2013
    This webcast discusses strategies and approaches for charging intragroup management fees, leading practices for managing double taxation risk in both treaty and non-treaty countries, and opportunities and challenges around avoiding double taxation specific to the energy industry.

  • Controlling your master data through data governance excellence – June 19, 2013
    On this webcast PwC reviews challenges and business impacts of poor data quality, implementation of an effective master data management strategy, and critical success factors for managing master data efficiently and effectively through data governance.

  • Land management: From acquisition to management – accelerating the integration of land data – April 3, 2013
    This webcast provides an industry outlook on how the current land grab is impacting land departments, leading practices for managing land information efficiently and effectively, and considerations for using land data to generate insight and intelligence.