Seven fundamental tenets of successful integration

April 2014
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Seven fundamental tenets of successful integration

At a glance

Despite best intentions, acquisitions too often fall short of meeting set expectations.

A disciplined approach to integration will improve a dealmaker's chance of success and keep value drivers behind the deal in focus.

Dealmakers that follow a disciplined integration approach will be able to build momentum, gain support and instill confidence in stakeholders.

Hear more about what Gregg Nahass says about the Seven Fundamental Tenets of Successful Integration:

Seven fundamental tenets provide a successful framework for integration that have been tried and proven time and again, and allow managers to focus their effort on sound execution. These include:

  1. Accelerate the transition
  2. Define the integration strategy
  3. Focus on priority initiatives
  4. Prepare for Day One
  5. Communicate with all stakeholders
  6. Establish leadership at all levels
  7. Manage the integration as a business process

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