Roadmap for an IPO: A guide to going public

November 2011
Roadmap for an IPO: A guide to going public

At a glance

Going public is a monumental decision that forever changes the way an organization does business. Once listed, a company will be under greater public scrutiny and will have to comply with a range of continuing obligations. Thinking through the requirements and developing an appropriate plan can reduce unexpected pre-initial public offering (IPO) work and post-IPO issues.

The fifth edition of the “Roadmap for an IPO” provides companies considering going public with insight on:

  • The going public process
  • Significant accounting, compensation and tax-related considerations
  • Ongoing reporting requirements and operational considerations of being a public company

PwC’s service offerings for companies considering an IPO:

Emerging Company Services understands the unique business aspects and challenges emerging companies face including: evaluation of exit strategies, accounting for revenue recognition, compensation, financing and other complex arrangements, addressing tax matters upfront, financial reporting, preparing to be Sarbanes-Oxley and "being public" compliant.

Transaction Services advises companies through the accounting, financial reporting and operational challenges associated with IPOs and other capital raising transactions, along with other services including M&A financial due diligence, valuations, post-merger integration, divestitures and separation.

Private Company Services professionals are provided with cross training to enable them to connect the dots across a number of private company issues such as compliance, controls, access to cash flow, expansion, exit strategies, succession, wealth management and the many areas that can help build or diminish long-term success and value.