Public Company Due Diligence and Talent Acquisitions

September 2013
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Public Company Due Diligence and Talent Acquisitions

At a glance

Public company due diligence and talent acquisitions were among the key topics of discussion when technology sector M&A finance professionals gathered for a roundtable dinner sponsored by PwC in March 2013.

Participants responded to a survey, networked and shared unique insights on hot topics in M&A. Public company acquisitions and talent acquisitions may represent the extremes of the acquisition spectrum. With public companies, significant public financial information is readily available; therefore, there’s a perception that less financial due diligence is required. At the other end of the spectrum, with an acqui-hire, there may be little to no interest in the ongoing business and therefore little focus on the target’s financials. Both types of acquisitions, on the surface, appear to require less diligence than other kinds of acquisitions. Acquirers nevertheless should understand the trade-offs and risks associated with each type of deal.