Integrate Acquisitions for success

Delivering deal value is far from a mystery, even in today’s dynamic deal environment. The most experienced dealmakers say they know what to do—and are reporting success. But that success is getting harder to come by and despite the best of intentions, integrations too often fall short of meeting set expectations.

PwC’s 2014 M&A Integration Survey Report shows that sustained commitment to integration over the long term is critical to delivering full deal value.

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42% of survey respondents said integration activities were not fully complete

Integrations: the difference between deal success and failure

Get integration right from the start and you will significantly increase the chances of delivering the business case.

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PwC Deals Partner Gregg Nahass discusses the differences between cost synergies and revenue synergies.

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PwC Deals Partner John Potter discusses what it means to be a company successful in deals

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PwC Deals Partner Gregg Nahass outlines PwC's seven fundamental tenets to successful integration.

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PwC Deals Partner Gregg Nahass discusses how the PwC value driver life cycle can be used to best capture synergies during integration.

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M&A integration teams can take specific steps to improve their odds for successful navigation of the integration process. A disciplined approach to the integration process will improve a dealmaker's chance of success and keep value drivers behind the deal in focus. Critical factors include working toward a fast-paced integration that makes early use of disciplined and prioritized planning, delivering a well-coordinated launch, and keeping a relentless focus on the key value drivers behind the deal. Dealmakers who are diligent in following the fundamentals of a disciplined integration process will have better odds at building momentum, gaining support, and instilling confidence in stakeholders. PwC’s disciplined approach to integration helps companies achieve early wins, build momentum, and instill confidence among their stakeholders. We take an active, involved approach to helping clients focus on the right activities at the right times, creating early and sustainable capture of deal value. We deliver time-tested integration processes to support client integration teams and supplement those teams with experienced resources.

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