IPO services

The return of the IPO market and preparing for public life

IPO registration activity is on the rise. To successfully take advantage of market windows of opportunity, companies with IPO aspirations should start planning early to assess data gaps and address accounting and operational implications to their organization before they can affect deal timing and value. The IPO Services specialists within PwC’s Transaction Services practice provide experienced advice throughout the life cycle of an IPO, enhancing our clients' understanding of the overall IPO process and the associated organizational, people, and technical issues of becoming a public company.

We advise on:
  • Pre-IPO planning considerations in accounting, reporting, governance, internal controls, systems and processes in connection with a company's IPO planning
  • Going public process and supporting a company through an active transaction, as well as supporting ongoing organization impacts post IPO
  • Public IPO preparedness on post-IPO reporting, organizational, people and technical requirements
An initial public offering is a transformational event for an organization and forever changes the way a company goes about doing business. For more information on how we can help, contact one of our specialists, or download a pdf of our approach.

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