Preserve value in a crisis

The ebbs and flows of business are cyclical. Global economic turbulence or not, the enduring risks posed by forces like market downturns, competitive pressures, missed opportunities, strategic blunders or structural events are inherent to the trade. And they make contingency plans indispensible. Doing without a blueprint for recovery or restructuring is a gamble. Business setbacks bring underperformance, declining earnings, and liquidity and cash-flow blockages. But they rarely emerge overnight. Many can be predicted and, in some cases, averted or even reversed. But in any case, early detection and swift, decisive action are critical. Advance preparation is essential to restoring performance and value, protecting your company’s assets and keeping the business intact.

"It is critical for companies to quickly identify key indicators of distress in order to quickly and effectively take action that will preserve value for all stakeholders."

Perry Mandarino, US Business Recovery

Services Leader

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"47% of US companies have already addressed their Debt Wall or are planning to restructure their debt in the year ahead."

Source: PwC webcast poll

From turnaround and restructuring plans to optimized exit strategies, PwC’s recovery specialists advise on solutions for a range of needs. We advise you as you evaluate strategic and financial alternatives. We can also assist you with corporate reorganizations, evaluate your liquidity positions and advise on operating efficiency and margin enhancement. Wise business leaders prepare for the unexpected, and it is never too early to prepare.

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