IPO Readiness

Going public is a chance to grow and to capture new market opportunities. However, with ever-changing regulatory requirements and extensive internal financial scrutiny now mandatory, it’s clear that a successful IPO today takes more due diligence than ever. Having an advisor with the right experience and insight can make the difference in helping you achieve your objectives. You can focus on other crucial decisions and be ready when the capital market window opens.

If your goal is to execute an IPO, we offer an IPO Readiness Assessment that takes an in-depth look at your company and the sector in which you operate. We’ll identify your company’s position in the market, your equity strategy, the highest priority items that are — or may become — issues in your going public process, as well as the potential challenges of operating as a public company. The assessment will cover an array of issues:

Sector analysis: Highlight key factors facing your sector. We offer insight into market trends, industry drivers, and comparative valuation.

Gap analysis on going public and being public: Identify, prioritize, and address the most critical outstanding issues.

Company positioning and equity story: Getting your story right is critical for attracting the right investors. We’ll help you put a plan together to define and then refine your story.

Strategic plan, including timeline scenario planning: Formulate your IPO strategy and come up with an example timeline for you to consider.

Gap assessment framework

As we conduct your IPO Readiness Assessment, we will evaluate numerous aspects of your company using our proven framework. By identifying potential gaps, you can focus on those areas prior to being public company ready.