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Today’s most innovative organizations are seeking to unlock greater value from acquisitions, especially those involving complex corporate arrangements. A more robust focus on valuation early in the deal process will help uncover potential biases or oversights that could result in mispricing a deal. Taking a combined approach that integrates a focus on industry issues — and the range of variables impacting value — helps meet the challenges of today’s dynamic deal environment. That way, you can strive for greater insight into value drivers to help inform your deal decisions.

"Deal makers who rely on both in-depth tax and financial reporting knowledge know that purchase price standards and defined value can differ significantly between the two valuation processes."

Understanding book versus tax valuation differences improves M&A planning and reporting

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Why economic obsolescence matters for retail companies doing or considering deals

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Brand-rich transactions can be fraught with accounting and valuation complexities. The main reason is that the term brand typically encapsulates multiple components above and beyond just simple trade names. Learn more

Uncovering valuation blind spots: How to avoid overpaying for deals

Uncovering blind spots in deal valuations

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Regulators are also demanding greater transparency through fair value reporting, putting more emphasis on the importance of valuation and value analysis. However, valuing acquisitions for financial reporting purposes involves more than determining “a number to book” for your transaction. An effective pre-acquisition valuation is performed during the due diligence phase will help you assess the accretive or dilutive impact of a transaction. This type of analysis can be converted into a post-deal valuation to help address financial reporting and tax needs as well.

PwC’s valuation specialists can help you perform a robust valuation analysis early in the deal process, including assistance with building better deal models. We offer a distinctive solution that integrates valuation advice with accounting, tax and risk management experience. The result is you get the advice you need to realize greater value and help transactions close more smoothly.

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of dealmakers see potential value in including contingent consideration in a future deal.

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