Integrate acquisitions for success

Delivering deal value is far from a mystery, even in today’s dynamic deal environment. The most experienced dealmakers say they know what to do—and are reporting success. But that success is getting harder to come by and despite the best of intentions, integrations too often fall short of meeting set expectations.

PwC’s 2014 M&A Integration Survey Report shows that sustained commitment to integration over the long term is critical to delivering full deal value.

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42% of survey respondents said integration activities were not fully complete

Integrations: the difference between deal success and failure

Get integration right from the start and you will significantly increase the chances of delivering the business case.

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"Seven fundamental tenets provide a successful framework for integration that have been tried and proven time and again"

What are the Seven fundamental tenets of successful integration?

Value realized from an acquisition depends on how well the newly combined company identifies, manages, and executes on synergy opportunities.

Capturing synergies to deliver deal value

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We help clients Accelerate the transition® and achieve rapid integrations that fully realize desired synergies and allow them to return to a "business as usual" environment as quickly as possible after a deal.

We also help clients increase their operations knowledge of target companies during due diligence to identify opportunities and risks for post-close value capture.

M&A Integration – PwC Value Proposition

Our integration projects span both enterprise wide and function specific integration management and tactical execution with a focus on realizing deal objectives and synergies. Below are some examples of the type of services and activities we offer.

Publications relevant to M&A Integration

Our M&A integration publications span both enterprise wide, functional, and cross-functional integration management and tactical execution with a focus on realizing deal objectives and synergies.

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