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April 2014

What’s the fastest growing supply chain trend today? Why sustainability has caught the C-suite’s attention

In today’s business and social media environment, an issue in a company’s supply chain can have widespread and lasting impacts on customers and the bottom line.

Environmental, social, economic and ethical considerations can create both risks and opportunities for companies, and CEOs are paying attention. 90% of CEOs agree that it’s important to ensure the integrity of their supply chain. 48% are concerned about high or volatile raw material costs; 41% about high or volatile energy costs, and 31% about supply chain disruption. PwC’s 17th Annual CEO Survey, 2014.

Given these executives’ concerns, it’s not surprising that PwC’s 2013 Global Supply Chain survey found that sustainability is the fastest growing supply chain trend today. A supply chain approach that does not consider ethical, economic, social and environmental factors may be leaving value on the table for competitors to go after first. Those companies who build more sustainable supply chains, however, have the opportunity to create measurable business value by reducing costs, improving resiliency or creating a platform for growth.

Stay tuned for a new survey report and webcast on this topic from PwC and The APICS Foundation (a leading professional association for supply chain and operations management) next month. E-mail us to have a copy sent to you. In the interim, read more about what’s top of mind for CEOs.


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