Key issues: Strategy and growth

PwC thought leadership:

Governing for the long-term: Board Priorities and Practices (2015 Annual Corporate Directors Survey – Strategy and risk)
Directors continue to focus their attention on overseeing company strategy, but many say they are using longer time horizons than they did just a few years ago.

BoardroomDirect May 2015 Issue in focus (Addressing the strategic development and execution gap)
This issue of BoardroomDirect® includes an article on how boards and management can address the strategic development and execution gap.

BoardroomDirect October 2014: (Issue in focus: Trends shaping governance and the boards of the future)
The full Annual Corporate Directors Survey addresses board performance, diversity, practices, priorities as well as IT and cybersecurity oversight, strategy and risk oversight, and executive compensation and director communications.

Five megatrends and their implications, directors edition
The concept of megatrends is not new, but megatrends today are more complex and interconnected. They have potential implications on business – now and in the future.

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