Quarter close: Directors edition Q2 2015

June 2015
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The Quarter Close - Directors edition: A look at this quarter's financial reporting issues

At a glance

This quarterly publication is designed to keep directors informed about the latest accounting and financial reporting issues.

The Q2 2015 edition addresses such issues as the financial statement effects of FX volatility, the FASB's not-for-profit proposal that could be a bellwether for all companies, changes to the new revenue standard by the FASB and IASB, the SEC “pay vs. performance” disclosure proposal, shareholder activists sparking things up in boardrooms, a new look at the role, composition, and performance of audit committees responsibilities, and how diversity affects directors’ approach to board oversight.

The Directors edition is a shortened version of The Quarter Close – a publication designed for CFOs and Controllers.

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The Quarter close: Directors edition Q1 2015

The Q1 2015 edition includes insight into the business and accounting impacts of declining oil and gas prices, the accounting implications of the Affordable Care Act, FASB, IASB and TRG developments related to implementing the new revenue standard, updates on FASB’s simplification proposals for stock-based compensation and income taxes, audit committees’ role in overseeing accounting principle changes, and integrating the evolving governance environment into the boardroom agenda.

The Quarter close: Directors edition Q4 2014

The Q4 2014 edition includes information about the tie between the new revenue standard and compensation plans – both cash- and stock-based; concern about modifying debt that could constitute embedded derivatives, Upcoming standard for private companies that could reduce the cost and complexity of accounting for business combinations, An interview with Troy Paredes, former SEC commissioner and PwC principal, about the SEC’s focus on financial reporting, its efforts regarding the disclosure regime, and the possibility of a decision on using IFRS in the US; and insights from directors and investors on key governance trends.

The Quarter close: Directors edition Q3 2014

The Q3 2014 edition focuses on the new revenue recognition standard, spin-offs, recognizing revenue for sales of virtual goods, sale-leaseback transactions, the new FASB rule requiring going concern assessment, and corporate governance – Audit Committee Excellence Series and tips for maintaining an effective whistleblower program.

The Quarter close: Directors edition Q2 2014

The Q2 2014 edition focuses on five IPO reminders for boards, FASB's new guidance on discontinued operations, and the Venezuelan exchange rates. Also, there is a section on corporate governance that describes two new publications: the Family Business Corporate Governance Series and the Audit Committee Excellence Series.

The Quarter close: Directors edition Q1 2014

The Q1 2014 edition focuses on new standards for private companies being adopted, assessing whether profit-sharing arrangements are accounted for as equity or a bonus, two class method of calculating earnings per share, accounting for new transaction types using old methods – gross versus net revenue analysis, allocating income taxes to separate company and carve-out financials, new FASB developments relating to financial instruments, consolidations, and insurance projects, regulatory matters, and corporate governance – cybersecurity.