Update on the current board issues: July 2015

Resources, webcasts, and events

Archive of Center for Board Governance July 14 quarterly webcast: The webcast focused on 2015 mid-proxy season highlights. To view the webcast, click here.

Family Business Corporate Governance Series: CEO succession planning: This is the third module in a series about family business corporate governance. This edition addresses succession planning’s goal to provide the least amount of disruption to a business and to give ownership the widest possible choice of qualified candidates before it makes a decision. To read the publication, click here.

Audit Committee Excellence Series: Role, composition, and performance: This publication addresses the current challenge facing audit committees to evaluate whether the scope of their responsibilities is workable, the desirable attributes for committee membership, and best practices for committee self-evaluations. To read the publication, click here.

PwC’s 365 App: This app, available for the iPad and iPhone, gives users customized access to PwC’s analyses and insights as well as subject matter experts from across all of its practices and industry sectors. Download the 365 App