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Update on the current board issues: November 2013

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What’s important to directors and investors? Depends on whose shoes you’re in

A new PwC comprehensive report examines the views of corporate directors and institutional investors on current corporate governance issues. The report, What matters in the boardroom? Depends on whose shoes you’re in,  compares results from PwC’s 2013 Annual Corporate Directors Survey and 2013 Investor Survey. It also includes certain CEO perspectives from PwC’s 16th Annual Global CEO Survey.

“We prepared this report to compare the responses of these two groups and identify areas where viewpoints are shared or differences exist” said Mary Ann Cloyd, Leader of PwC’s Center for Board Governance. “We hope this information helps directors, investors and management teams better understand where their views are similar and where they differ.”

There is considerable alignment between directors and investors on the important issues directors should be focusing on in the coming year, according to the report. Both groups include strategic planning, risk management, and succession planning on their top five lists of priorities. Ninety-five percent of investors say strategic planning is the “most or a very important” area for director focus while nearly eight of 10 directors say they want to spend more time in that area going forward.

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