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Update on the current board issues: June 2013

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Many companies provide sustainability disclosure, but few embrace integrated reporting

As more companies feel pressure from investors to disclose their sustainability and corporate responsibility information, their boards are asking management for their plans on integrated financial reporting.

Olivia Kirtley, a director at Papa John’s International and US Bancorp, raised the question of integrated reporting at a recent PwC event as she cited a new reporting model from the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute (IRRC) and Sustainable Investments Institute (Si2).

She asked Kayla Gillan, leader of PwC’s Investor Resource Institute, if she thought integrated reporting is a priority for some of the larger investors. Gillan, who has previously served as general counsel at CalPERS, a board member of PCAOB, and Deputy Chief of Staff to the SEC Chari, responded that certain institutional investors do support integrated reporting but that is not the case throughout the investment community. “I haven’t seen a lot of embracing of integrated reporting,” said Gillan “CalPERS, CalSTRS and BlackRock, who are leaders in the investment community on sustainability issues, do support it. But I haven’t seen a lot of others put significant weight behind it right now.”

Integrated reporting is not required of or commonly done by US companies. Almost all of the S&P 500 have some form of sustainability disclosure, but most of those companies don’t go as far as using integrated reporting, according to the 285-page report from IRRC and Si2.

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