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Update on the current board issues: February 2014

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The latest on cybersecurity

The new voluntary US Department of Homeland Security standards for cybersecurity and the recent point of sale (POS) data breaches at some US retailers show that cybersecurity is not just an IT problem.

Actually, cybersecurity is a business issue that can wreak havoc with any organization that uses the Internet or wireless technology to do business. In addition to the obvious intellectual property and customer data security, privacy and IT risks, successful cyber-attacks can affect a company’s brand, reputation, and business relationships. The data most vulnerable to attacks have been customer credit card numbers and PINs, employees’ personal healthcare information, and companies’ third party suppliers confidential information.

While 69% of CEOs responding to the PwC 17th Annual Global 2014 CEO Survey say they are somewhat concerned or extremely concerned about cyber threats, 24% of directors responding to the PwC 2013 Annual Corporate Directors Survey say they are still not sufficiently engaged in understanding their company’s cybersecurity spend.

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