Update on the current board issues: February 2013

Resources, webcasts, and events

2013 Key questions for board and audit committee members: This annual publication outlines questions directors should ask at year-end and throughout the year. The publication addresses such areas as strategy and risk management, compliance and anti-corruption, financial reporting and audit quality, the new tax law and possible corporate tax reform, information technology, and shareholder and stakeholder communications. To read the publication, click here.

Directors and IT – What Works Best™: This comprehensive guide helps directors bridge the "IT confidence gap." Part 1 of the guide outlines a structured and efficient oversight process that should help directors decide on and execute their approach to IT oversight. Part 2 provides background information, potential rewards and risks, and board considerations about various IT subjects that may be relevant to a company. To learn more about the Directors and IT – What Works Best™ guide, click here.

PwC's Board Center App: PwC's Board Center App provides timely insights on corporate governance issues and trends to enable board members to more effectively meet the challenges of their critical role. Available for the iPad, the app provides access to our full library of publications and on-demand videos. Download the Board Center App.