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Update on the current board issues: December 2013

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Key considerations for board and audit committee members

PwC has released its 2013-2014 edition of Key considerations for board and audit committee members. It is an annual report published by PwC’s Center for Board Governance to address the changing boardroom agenda that outlines topics that can help enhance the quality of board and management discussions in the coming year.

The topics covered in the report include strategy (considering megatrends, the customer experience, and supply chains), emerging technologies and Big Data (tapping new avenues for revenue and growth), risk oversight (focusing on cybersecurity and third parties), talent pipeline (having the right skills and experience for the future, including the boardroom), corporate ethics (gauging the compliance atmosphere), the financials (keying in on complex accounting, and keeping up with regulators and standard-setters), and stakeholder communications (deciding when to engage and whether to expand the audit committee report).

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